Music sometimes gives me a quantity of creativeness - you're drinking another glass of wine and you're feeling even worse. Art doesn't work without pain; art also exists for compensating pain - Till Lindemann

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

So I have to say, Fullmetal Alchemist is my favorite anime of all time.  When I heard that they made Brotherhood to follow the manga to exact detail, I had to check it out.

So I did, for two days straight, I watched the entire series.  It was amazing, far better than the Fullmetal Alchemist episodes.  This had so much detail in it, that with every character they introduced, you grew attached to them. 

The ending of the series is, by far, the best and most sad part of it.  It was so sad, I even started to tear up.  Yeah I did, got a problem?  Watch it for yourself and try not to.

Anyway, the first 40 episodes I had the luxury of having them in English.  However, they do not have 41-64 in English yet, so I had to watch it subtitled.  That didn't bother me, it only added more awesomeness.

Here is a link to the site that I watched them at

Have fun watching, I am not going to spoil anything for you.  Please tell me what you thought of the series if you have watched it before in the comments.

Oh!  One more thing, they are making a second movie right now, and it will be released in Japan, July

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A shorter story

To start this off, I would like to say that it is no tied into the other story that I have posted on here, this one is completely separate from my writings.

I was in some mansion that had Halloween decorations everywhere, that's what they looked like at least. There seemed to be a big party or something going on. There were so many people grouped around in many different places. I went into one of the groups to see what was so interesting. In the middle of the group was a woman, she looked at me and smiled, and then i noticed her teeth, she was a vampire. I walked away from the group just thinking that it was a costume, but then i looked at everyone. They all had the teeth and looked like vampires. I left the entire main area and went into a side hallway. Then the same woman that i had seen earlier grabbed my shoulder from behind and turned me around. What's wrong dearie? Feeling out of place?"

She then told me to grab a glass of hers from behind me, i turned around and noticed a cabinet full of glasses with liquid in them.

"Take any one of them that you find interesting and give it to me"

So i looked, and instantly i spotted a glass at the top. The liquid inside of this one contained specks of some silver objects floating freely in it and never falling to the bottom. I took it and gave it to her.

"Interesting, now drink it"

She handed it back and i stared at it for a moment. I decided to drink it, it had a horrible texture, it was oily and thick and tasted like grease. When i was swallowing it, the silver specks began to cut into my throat, my blood was mixing in with the drink.

Then the woman started to laugh. "When this is done, You must be careful on who you trust."

She dissapered, and i was on the floor in pain. Everything was hurting everywhere. I blacked out.

When i got back up, the entire place that i had been in was now destroyed and falling apart. It looked as if i had been passed out for years. It was winter also, Snow was piling up on the inside from a hole in the roof. I got up with ease and looked around for the door. I had the sudden feeling to touch my face, so i did. I was very cold, i thought that it was just because it was winter, but then in my mouth, my tongue touched my teeth, they were razor sharp. I had no idea what was going on, but i was leaving. I ran through what was left of the mansion and burst out the front door.

Right outside was a man leaning against the front fence. He began to walk towards me, and he was staring at me the whole time in doing so.

He had a trench-coat on and had black sunglasses and a hat. when he got to me, he smiled. "Nice to finally see that you're up and about, we have some business to take care of, come on."

I had no idea what was going on, but obviously he did, so i followed him. He took me all the way back to the back of the mansion. We stopped on the back patio. I noticed then that the mansion was right at the edge of a cliff. I couldn't even see the bottom.

Then the man pointed out into the middle of chasm and told me to look. All the way from the other side, an icy path started to form its way across the Huge gap. "When it gets here, we have trouble"

We sat and waited for a long time. Finally the path connected to our side. The man got up and walked towards one of the doors behind us. He tried to open it, but as soon as he did, it was slammed shut and he flew back. All of the doors inside the mansion could be heard outside. they were all slamming shut.

"Well she's here now, look"

I looked out to the end of the path and saw the woman that had given me that drink step onto the cliffs edge. She saw us and smiled.  End

This story is separate only because it was a dream I had, I added nothing more than what was actually in my dream.  All the details are there, that's how vivid my dreams are.  I post it here just to show you how I get my idea.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Messer by Till Lindemann

It is not the way that the music is played, but the way it is put together.  The music is just sound, but the words are what make it.  That goes to some of the people that didn't like the music itself.  I ask you not to focus on the sound, but to focus on the words.

In my opinion Rammstein is mostly famous because of the vocalist Till Lindemann.  Just by looking at the lyrics you can tell that he puts time into them and they are all 100% original.

I am going to post some of his poetry on here in the next few hours so that you guys can read it and feel the same as I do about the band.  These come from Till's published book, Messer

This is only some, not all of it.  Don't read them all if you don't want too, just read a couple and tell me what you think of his work, and then your opinion of the band after you have read some.

Sautod/Sowdeath (English translation)

I have been in heat for days
so I’ll go and hunt a female deer
and until the morning I will sit there hidden
so that I can give it a shoulder shot

A pregnant doe
will soon give birth
so I have to go without it
can’t hunt it out

A young female deer comes to her feet
has sunned herself in the high reeds
makes good slot deep into the pine forest
the mirror gleams I take aim

The scut jerks like Fingereel
the shotgun jumps from the sheath
I sweep the bast from the horn
and adjust the ironsight

She feels the muzzle energy
red sweat drops off her knee
I carry her over to the Luderplace
then I finish the hunt

From the genital drops lard
I bell on the good mating season
then I drag her into the corner
and beat her out of her fur


Mädchen tot/Girl death (English translation)

There she lies now
as stiff as a board
lies there so cold at the edge of the forest
assassinated by her own hand
her eyes without a glow
she will never be seventeen again

Tänzerin (2)/ Dancing girl (2) (English translation)

The whole ballroom building smelled like her
The scent crawled upon my heart
My brain becomes veiled in dizziness
The dancer lifted her over the forehead
yet suddenly the dancer fell
instantaneously death of the dancing girl
the grace broke like her neck
and so did my brief eyefeast

no title/no title (English translation)

I want sea/ocean
there it was my best summer
with long-lasting rains and big moons
small animals and black arks
and a girl
that put snails on her pail arms
she was afraid of the fall of the leaves
an abandoned puppy dog
under the high trees
harkened the plea of the leaves
also the pain of the milknest

I save the crab
from the breast of the girl
put him on my back
and we escape the bloodflood
the sarcom lost its time
the ocean was well-disposed to us
and he knew of the stars

He laid himself upon badlands to die
and threw a fox upon the sky
that thanked him with weatherflowers
the waves carried sand on the lips
and the sun covered the face with the hands
been on the world’s most saddest place
crawled on the dirty sheet of a riverbed
it had the color of bad wishes
was as cracked as my grandmother’s sole
the thought of the girl was no pillow
yet I found some sleep

Cabbage white butterflies felt out of my eyes
into the high corn of a daydream
the child of the night brought me a fire
but the dream jumped on my shoulder
and told me about his dreams
when I ran into the ocean
it was the longest summer of my life
I catched the fishes in puddles
and brought them to the girl
that undressed them
and put them to the others
wish aren't drowned in the water
I want see/ocean
Endlich/ Finally (English translation)

Out of cloudburst and high temperature
a blazing light warms the forhead
that I found you, yous generous donors
who do hand me the scepter

Now i do laugh when yous fancy it
and do dine as yous are hungry
I do drink to yous only
and do flatter yous

I am like how yous want me to be

Soon i will take of like a lark
take of from the high corn
lush meadows always green
cluttered with moist knees

With a large sickel I harvest
and honey pours in all paths
to stay the hunger that is mine
the one who steals fruits on stilts

So I take of like a lark
just a drop of color and paper
and the meat slips out of the bowel
yes here you can get anything

pity for righteous fools, too

I fill stomach and the bags
I clear (?) your belonging and being
more with each heartbeat
so that i can take of like a lark

Finally prepared for what is important to me
also for the huge sleep
and am like how yous want me to be

Häßlich/Ugly (English translation)

Oh can no one see
beneath my ungesicht (ugly face)
soughs a gorgeous heart
oh dear, take away the wild gust
from the concupiscence of my greedy sex
that hadnt cruised a ship yet
Good Good, touch me
spit your divine cascades
upon my enchanted face
then I will pray for you
Good Good, make me beautiful
I will oil the bible and off the cross I will lick the flies
will dine the filth of the angels
my soul be your gift
for a hint of beauty upon my antic
so that i can use it for the sensual enjoyment
to seduce the glorious
those lovely nymphs
that only touch her kind
give it to me and forgive me
for I want them all

Ich weiß/ I know (English translation)

I don’t

know why I get up late
why I go to sleep early
at my own behest
I am lonely with much diligence
like this I live too many years already
yet I am too young for the grave
I am half fermented wine
A heavy table on one leg
not fish and without water (land)
in this way I love to hold the young hand
but young blood don’t watch out for me anymore
don’t have no bullet in the gun
have to enjoy myself with old flesh
cheat myself with my own wife
the age sleeps on the temples
I buy the fortune at the harbours
the one who is not pretty must lead a pretty life
beauty was never given to me

Immunschwäche sehr positiv (English translation) Immunodeficiency very positive

She is mid fourty
has a scar on the stomach
by a mexican machete
I promised her matrimony
also to two more prostitutes
torn is her sail
her breats fragmented to sharkluder
by a mexican machete
our raft a corpse
her own brother
seastorm whom we escaped
we’re not going to die in boats
by a mexican machete
we’re swimming with these both prostitutes
from alone to the dead


Durch dick und dünn/Through thick and thin (English translation)

Through thick and thin

If the lovewinds breeze dull
the man kisses also the fat woman
the soul deeply lies in the water
also the woman takes everything she gets

You are young
I am nice
I have a soft double bed
each ship needs a port
why won’t you sleep with me

I am not young
you are not nice
I am ugly and you are fat
yet in a storm any port is fine
and tomorrow you are well rested

Andacht/Devotion (English translation)


The one who spits towards south and inspects the sputem
like it was a Kandinsky
claims to have spewed a sea
his is small so not mine
bravely stick the tongue back into the mouth
as soft as a fortresses chest
and the moon cries himself to a sickle
the tender light shall be (the) (Gream) Reaper
as fog drops schwat by schwat
the half star holds his fierceness into the little sea
thus it became hot at night
and smelled of chickenfood

Auf dem Friedhof/Auf dem Friedhof (2) - At the cemetery (English translation)

At the cemetery

When my father was still alive
he liked to tell a certain story
a piece of shrapnel had gone through the coat into his back
they could not remove it
was too close to the backbone
over the years the shrapnel had traveled between the shoulders
in a large pusbag
I’m tired and I feel sick
and I have still not found the thing

At the cemetery (2)

a large piece of metal
all black
will manifacture myself a beeropener out of it
(I) am good again

They tell that they opened the grave of a puerpera
and left it behind very ghastly

Meine Mutter ist blind/My mother is blind (English translation)

My mother is blind

Acne and Rosaza walked hand in hand
across my tender skin
across virgin land
and have burned it as a joke

My father speaks to me
dear child believe me now and here
the woman who will espouse you
is ugly or blind herself

Into the mirror i don’t look
I carry the torch in the face
I am lonely yet not alone
Acne and Rosaza will always be with me

Nebel/Fog (English translation)


When the mists rise from the meadows
I will slice my skin
two threads beneath the collarbone
I let in the white Sea

I stab my eyes out
without any windows is the house
I nicely bash in the skull
then it snows and my brain freezes

I chop my chest for fun
it rains and my heart gets wet
open my thick veins
and present you a bouquets of red tears

Like a piece of paper I slice
each day a piece of me
put the parts on the forehead
sink them into your brain
till I (am) tiny and very small
will move into your body then

I'll climb on your breasts
and show myself the view
have to crawl through the lips
to be able to kiss your tongue

The mole on your leg
shall be my little island
the little scar will be my nest
I hold on the little hair
when you put on the pale dress
and cry when you read fairy tales

Zum Sein von schlechten Eltern/To the being of bad parents (english translation)

To the being of bad parents

I hate your father
by his fat belly
on her flabby bacon
your mother also
wrested the patience from the breast
in a night filled with lust
deflated before the matrimony and
fathered you on dry champagne
the shame meanwhile gorged arid bread

The ovaries of mother
and even the bugs beneath the bed
celebrated a filthy feast
got fuddled by testicle grease
yet the love-crazed suitor
rolled himself with pain in filth
lost himself in a nearby pond
with a shovel he was carried away

The mother got sick between her legs
too late to suck up the small animal
threw you into the dust of being
and my eyes got wet
as I twenty years later
empoison myself on you day and night
confined to rotten loinsfruit
and got defraud of my soul

Viva Andromeda - Hails Andromeda (English translation)

In shining armour stands my army
of, alas, tenthousand illusions
decorated with ribbons and with little flags
myself a pilote on a white horse
am pioneer in the dawn
not knowing what the horizon
as my fleets waits for signal
that I will probably make when it’s time
to taunt the oppressor

And so I conquer indiscriminately
the battles never last for long
indeed, all gods always on my side
in tiers and from box seats
the echo of their curiosity clatters
when I, in mid-air, take the enemy’s
life and belongings, too
in order to endow you in the manner of
which makes you the mine

So I batteled against the dragon
the most sparkle of the eyes
of his many plump heads
now blazons the ring on the silky finger
for a promise that you would always live
well beneath my shingle
and only the blood of him that sealed
once the lips equal to dragonflies wings
as they are meant for only one mouth

Haven't I taken bath in his guts
which pale line like
so artfully coiled itselves, alas, around your hips
because so crystalline they are
were now in need of protection to each heartbeat
so that I alone
the tower of lust to your heaven
stone by stone and gentle I built for you
to the cosmos of earthly desire

Andromeda I can see you
never been so close like these days
a miracle befell my eyes
and celebrates a topping out ceremony now on all pores
the white horse will be my fate
trumpets blare over all tents
announcing victory for good
but tiers and loge remain empty
and it did not become dark at night


Yet one year to go and two of the days
to write down what me befell
nothing heals the wound due to the fraud
betrayed I lick my wounds
now moving homeward
the armour’s rust dyes the sky brown
in defiance the broken lance adorns
the only prey
your dusty smile
and the corona cannot light the way

As I am tired so is the faith
and all my men dead
remains no strength to
establish a new army


no title

I see a Sternenschnuppe
I'll lap of the herd
a small black hair free
and put it in my soup
what is there and what it would
nothing will be the same

Buried is the good acid
have you changed little
only the wild gestures contribute
my love my loyalty
I drain off the dust of this image

Your flesh is a torn sail
the poor soul in the balance
Skin is deeply plowed earth
the hand without nails
what was and what it would
too late for complaints like


Tod nach Noten/dying from music (English translation)

Born in hassle
and put on a sow
The teats became (his) fate
milk in both of the ears
thus publicly stirred offence
grown old in fatalities
thank to death not newly born

Yet blissful are the dead
which are perished on framed scores
vitrified little ghosts
digging in souls
big dead master
a waltz of idiots
the heartbeat dictates the rhythm
thus we die from music

Messer/Knife (english translation)


The death sea in my flesh
has borned a harbor
each day at the same time
she lands to punish me
with a dying galley
the lark with the white cap
I would kill for her being with me
but she has beak equal to a gryphon
and fangs as sharp as scissors

She throws anchor and will sing
in half my little boat made of paper
cut it with precious blades
cries herself to colder waters
it sinks and no one sings along with her
that’s why I’m afraid of knives

The little boat bleeds out of the mast
into the grandmother’s chest
and when the sun shines for her at night
there will be someone who weeps along with her
we drift coldly on augenschauern
hungerful in heavy barrels
she cuts deeply to eat me
that’s why I’m afraid of knives

And when the sun shines for me at night
there will be no one
who weeps along with me

Another amazing song

This is the first song that I ever heard from them, in my opinion it is one of their best.  This time I found a video with english translation.

Monday, January 31, 2011

While you wait...

While you wait for me to post my stories, I am going to be posting some Rammstein.  Because they are one of the greatest bands out there.

For starters of this, I will post my favorite song by them

And here are the lyrics in English to follow along

Come in my boat
a storm is rising
and it is becoming night

Where do you want to go
so completely alone
you are drifting away

Who holds your hand
when it pulls
you under

Where do you want to go
so boundless
the cold sea

Come in my boat
the autumn wind holds
the sails taut

Now you are standing by the lantern
with tears in your face
the daylight falls on the side
the autumn wind sweeps the streets clear

Now you are standing by the lantern
you have tears in your face
the evening light chases away the shadows
time stands still and it becomes autumn

Come in my boat
the helmsman
feels longing

Come in my boat
the best seaman
was I

Now you are standing by the lantern
you have tears in your face
you take the fire from the candle
time stands still and it becomes autumn

They only spoke of your mother
only the night is so merciless
at the end I am left alone
time stands still
and I am cold

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Forgot to mention a few things about the stories I am posting on here.  They are all going to be tied together in some way.  I get my inspiration for them from my dreams, 80% of the stories are from my dreams.  The rest is from me incorporating part of weird things that have happened to me in real life , so sometimes it will be easy to tell what came from my dreams, and sometimes it won't be.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Coming soon

Second part of the story coming up here in a few days, once i finish typing it up on the computer, so yeah, be looking for it if you liked the first part

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Short story

    Oh god it’s happening again!  They won’t let me sleep anymore for some reason.  Every time I try to close my eyes these images keep popping into my mind.  These images aren’t normal either, no, these images haunt me for long periods of time.  I think that they stay imprinted into my head for so long because they deal with the same thing over and over again.  Something always jumps at me when I close my eyes, causing me to wake up from my continuous attempts to fall asleep.
    It’s been four months now, four months of no sleep, four months of haunting images.  To think that all of this had started with one little dream, but from what I know now, one little dream is capable of doing anything.
    My name is Jecht, my life always had things happening in it that could not be explained by anything.  What happened throughout my life, however, is nothing compared to what was about to happen.  Before it does however, I am going to tell you what happened in my life to show you how I got to be in the situation that I am in now.  I am going to start at the earliest event that I can remember, it happened on the day of my fifth birthday.
    It was a nice day in Garthuck, the sun was out and it was a nice enough day to go swimming in the local river.  That is exactly what I was doing at the time.  The river was only a ten minute walk from the house that I lived in, but I had to walk through the woods to get to it.  My parents did not like the idea of me doing that, but they let me anyway, because in the small town of Garthuck, everyone knew everyone.  If anything were to happen to me, someone would know about it, or at least hear about it.
    I was tall for my age, the kids in the first grade were about three inches shorter than me.  I was also smart, that was the reason why I was in the first grade already.  After a few days in Kindergarten they immediately moved me up.  I don’t know how I was smarter, no one ever taught me anything, I just knew things as I grew up.  It was almost like the older I got, the more knowledge that was unlocked for me.
    I didn’t even want to go to the river today but my parents insisted that I played outside today.  I knew that they were getting ready for my birthday today though, they always over did everything.  Birthdays were not meant to have thousands of dollars spent on them, but that is exactly what my parents did every year.  My brother was a different story though, my parents did not like him much, and they did not want me to turn out like him, so they would spoil me constantly.  They thought that it would help, but the truth was, I wanted to be just like my brother when I got older, and he knew that.
    My brother’s name was Balter, he was almost twenty now, he had just got released from the state prison.  He was only there for psychiatric help, people thought that he was crazy because he would always see things and talk to people that were not there.  Everyone was afraid of him, which is the main reason why they all sent him away, they didn’t want him to ruin the lives of the people around him.  I wasn’t afraid of him though, I actually believed him, I didn’t think that he was crazy, I thought that he had a gift. Little did I know then, but I was right, he did have a gift.
    Balter was released because they had believed to have cured him of the sickness that he had.  They subscribed him pills that he had to take every day for the rest of his life, they were supposed to suppress the images that he saw. 
    He told me what he was able to see one day when we were alone, before he went away.  I don’t think that he realized that I actually understood what he was saying, if he did know, I think that he would not have told me so much.  He said that he could see monsters roam around the ground, almost as if they have always been there.  These monsters were giant, the smallest ones were probably eight foot tall.  All of them had rotting flesh, smelled like rotting meat, and each had some sort of weapon infused into their skin.  Their faces were one of the worst parts of them, they looked like they had dumped a form of acid on themselves causing their skin to stretch, you could see the raw areas where the nerve was exposed to the open air, the eyes bulged out and ranged from the color yellow to deep red.  All of the monsters seemed to have been in many wars and battles because he could see all of the scars and wounds on them.  Each day it seemed like there were more and more of them, he had no idea where they were coming from. 
    Besides being able to see the monsters, he had constant dreams of them.  They were always trying to kill him in his sleep he said.  It had gotten so bad that he had not been able to sleep at all, he was able to feel everything in his dreams, almost as if it were reality.  He could smell, taste, and feel pain, just like he would while he was awake.  The monsters must have caught onto this, because every time he tried to go to sleep, one of them would attack him, causing him to wake up and terrify him so much that it was hard to try to fall asleep again.
    Now that he had gone to get help for it, everyone though that he was cured.  He wasn’t though, he told me that he could still see everything like he used to be able to before he went, but it was even worse now.  He was able to see them more frequently, and there was a lot more than what there used to be.
    Balter stayed at the house so that he could help them set up for the party, my parents or anyone else had no idea that he could still see all of the things still, I was the only one that knew, and he was going to keep it that way. 
    About two hours went by since I left the house, so I decided to head back, I was getting bored anyway.  No one was at the river for some reason, usually it is crowded with people.  All of the sudden I got a weird feeling in my gut, almost as if something important was about to happen, it began to make me feel nervous.  I began to walk back to the house, but as I was walking back, the feeling I was getting kept on worsening.
    I just ignored it and kept on walking back.  Once I got to the woods however, everything went silent.  I could no longer hear the animals, the insects, the wind, or even my own thoughts, it was almost as if time had stopped.  I decided to run home at that instant, but after a couple of minutes, I fell.  I don’t even know how I fell, there was nothing around to trip over, no rocks, no branches, nothing at all.  I picked myself up to see where I was, there was a small clearing ahead of me, the clearing was not there on my way through earlier.
    I walked through the clearing to see if I could recognize where I was.  Once I got to the clearings center, I noticed a skull.  The skull looked like it had belonged to a bull, but there were no bulls in Garthuck.  I took a closer look at it and noticed that it had horns, but also a human looking bone structure.  I picked it up and as soon as I did, the surrounding sounds came back and I could hear my own thoughts again.  I just took it as a weird coincidence and walked the rest of the way home, taking the skull with me.
    After what seemed like an hour I made it back home.  I walked up to the front door, but as soon as I did, that feeling that I had earlier came back to me, only this time I felt light headed.  I quickly opened the door and ran in.  My mother ran up to me to say happy birthday, but as soon as she saw the skull in my hand she suddenly stopped in her tracks and began to scold me for bringing it into the house.
    However I could not understand a word she was saying to me, my head was spinning and my sight was beginning to fade into a blackness, I then fell to the floor.  The last thing I could remember was my mother shouting at me and then my brother and father running in to see what was going on.  Everything after that is a complete blank to me now.  I can’t remember my fifth birthday or the six years after, because that incident landed me into a coma, a coma of nightmares, no good dreams, or even a break, it was constant nightmares.

    I woke up in a hospital bed with machines all around me.  I was scarred, not because I din’t know where I was, but because I could remember every dream that I had.  In those dreams it was like reality, I could feel everything that was happening to me, all the pain, the taste, the smell, everything.  I knew how my brother felt now.
    At the time I didn’t think anything of it, just that it scared me.  Now here I was laying on a hospital bed only remember my mother shouting.  I remember looking at my body and realizing that I had grown, a lot, at leat a foot.
    I tried to get up, but my body wouldn’t let me.  All of my muscles were almost completely useless right now, I must have been laying on that bed for a long time.  I rolled over, or at least tried to, but the wires and IV needle wouldn’t allow me to.  So I ripped them off of me and rolled the rest of the way over.  There on the table were get well soon cards and gifts left by my friends and family.  Amongst all of the gifts was a button to call in the nurse.  I reached out and grabbed it and pushed the button, I wanted to know what was going on.
    Minutes passed and no one answered the call, so I pushed it again.  I waited longer this time and still nothing.  I used all of my strength to sit up and look around the room I was in, it didn’t seem like anyone had been in it for a while.  The beds next to me were unmade and the IV stands next to them were empty, even mine was empty.  Then I saw something run outside in the hallway.
    I was curious to see what was going on, so I took my leg and swung it over the bed to the ground.  It seemed that I was gaining my strength back somehow, which was weird because I knew that it took months to gain control of your body after a coma.  I took my other leg and placed it on the floor also, this time it wasn’t as difficult.
    now came the tricky part, getting my legs to support my body and walk, or so I thought.  I was easily able to stand up.  I remember thinking to myself that maybe the doctors had figured out how to sustain muscle mass for coma patients.  Whatever it was I didn’t really much care, I just wanted to find out what was going on outside.  I started to walk towards the entry way when suddenly from behind me there were loud crashing noises.  I looked back to see that all of the gifts had been knocked off of the table and onto the floor.  I looked around the room and saw nothing that could have caused all of it.
    I turned back around and decided to ignore what had just happened.  I walked into the hallway and saw that no one was around.  There were papers and documents littering the hall.  The entire time I was walking I was in fear, something didn’t feel right.  Every room that I passed was completely empty, some of the walls were even falling apart, like the place had been abandoned for a long time.  I kept on walking until I got to the main office.  As soon as I had got there, it instantly got cold, I could see my breath and even feel the icy sting from every breath I took.
    It was still, nothing moved, and nothing made a sound, it was just like the experience that happened in the woods.  Then suddenly the room began to radiate a deep red color, then almost as instantly as that happened, a loud cracking noise split through the room, almost as if lightning had struck five feet away from me.
    Before I could even begin to turn to see what had made the noise, I got a strong scent of odor so foul I instantly began to gag.  It smelled of rotting meat mixed with the infected smell of puss.  While I was gagging, whatever was behind me spoke, and it sounded like it was hissing the words.
    “What’s wrong Jecht?  Can’t you stand it?”
It was laughing as it said this.
    I turned around and saw one of the most horrific things that I would see in my life.  Standing behind me was an eight and a half foot tall monster.  It had no visible features in its face, mostly because it looked like its skin was falling off piece by piece.  Its torso was littered with hundreds of scars and wounds.  Most of the wounds looked badly infected and some of them looked recent.  Its arms were the worst part though, from the shoulders down to his wrists it looked as if he had replaced pieces of his arm with whatever it saw useful.  There were strands of barbed wire wrapped around his arm in different places, most likely to hold in the pieces of flesh that were about to fall off, he had patches of different skin in a lot of different areas, almost as if it were too impatient to let the skin grow back itself.  Then he had no hands, instead he had thick wires connecting from his wrists to these massive circular cannons that were infused into its skin. 
    I understood now why the room smelt so bad, the monster was rotting.  It was just staring at me, grinning.  I didn’t know what to do at that point, my body wouldn’t let me move.  Then the monster spoke again.
    “You are destined to meet the same fate as your brother, he’s dead now you know?  We killed him and we are coming for you next.  Anyone with his and your gift is a threat to us, and we can’t take the chance of having anyone getting in our way, we have come too far to fail at this now.”
    As soon as he was through saying this the room exploded in fire.  Everything caught fire, even me.  The pain was extreme, I could feel the fire burn down to my nerves.  I was experiencing what my brother had experienced all throughout his life.  It felt like I was going to die, the pain was way too real.  The monster was laughing at me, it had accomplished its goal way to easily.  Then the monster began to scream, the fire began to stop, I was no longer on fire anymore. 
    “What the hell is going on!”  the monster screamed
    “What should have happened to you a long time ago Gantos.”
It was my brother, he came from out of nowhere to stop the monster.
    “How is this even possible!  I watched you die, I had the privilege of taking your life myself!”
    Balter calmly responded, “You may have killed me, but like you, I can still wander the dream world.  All it took was some training to do this, luckily I was training long before you had the chance to kill me.”
    “Then I shall simply kill you here, it is not like you yourself can stop me!”  The monster laughed as it said this.
    “I may not be able to stop you, but I can hold you back for a while until I can explain things to my brother.”
With that said Balter took his arms and held them out, waves began to radiate from his fingers.  The waves bounced off of the wall across the room and back to the other side, creating a new transparent wall.  
    The monster saw the wall and then laughed.  It sat down and waited patiently for Balter to finish what he was going to do.  Balter walked over to me smiling.
    “Jecht, this is going to be the last time I am going to see you,” there was a sadness in his tone.
    “I know that you barely got the chance to know me through your life, but I got to know you, I got the chance to see you grown up also, you will come to understand that later on, but for now you have to focus on what to do.  Don’t worry everything will be fine, as long as you listen to me.”
    “But why can’t I see you again Balter?  Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me see you before and now you’re telling me I can’t?  That’s not fair!  I always wanted to be like you you know,” I began to stumble on my words, I was on the verge of tears.
    “There is an important reason why I can’t see you anymore, you will find that out soon, and when you do, don’t be discouraged, just keep doing what I am about to tell you to do.”  Balter was now rushing through his words, he was in a hurry because the monster began to grow impatient.
    “When you get back to the real world you are going to have something special join you.  This person is very important and you are going to have to listen to everything it says, Okay?”
    “Okay I will, but what is it?”
    “It’s a special guardian, he will help save you one day.”
After that was said, the monster stood up in outrage.
    “No! you can’t do that!” the monster began to pound on the invisible barrier.
    “Jecht, I am going to send you back to the real world now, when I do, do not look back.”
As soon as he was finished, he took his hands and placed them on my head, I then got a floating sensation, and then there was a noise behind me, like a balloon being blown up.  There was a portal that had just opened.
    I began to walk towards it knowing that I would never see my brother again.  I looked back, forgetting that he told me not to, and saw the monster break through the barrier.  The monster grabbed my brother and ripped him apart with ease, then it started laughing.
    “Don’t worry, I will get you one of these days, and when I do, you will not be killed as quickly as your brother.”
    I woke up in a hospital bed, like the one in the dream that I just had, but this time I was surrounded by doctors and nurses.  I had just woken up from my six year coma.  I couldn’t help but keep thinking about the dream that I just had, it seemed so real, and the pain of everything, I still remember it.  I heard one of the doctors telling the nurse to notify my parents, that same doctor then came up to me with a light and asked me to follow it with my eyes, I did so and the doctor shut it off.  The doctor then asked me to try and sit up, I tried, and like my dream, it was easily done for some reason.  The doctor did not look too surprised though.  It was then he told me that I have been in a coma for six years with absolutely no muscle loss, and I am the first to do so in many years.
    I looked around the room, there were other patients in there as well.  This time I was sure that I wasn’t dreaming.  The doctor told me to lay back down so that they could run some tests on me to see if I was able to go back into the world without any problems.  I was laying in bed for about an hour when my parents showed up.  They were very happy to see me, my mother was crying and my father was holding onto my arm the entire time we were waiting for the test results to come back.
    I noticed that Balter was not there, I asked my mother where he was, and immediately she began to cry again.  My father then told me that he was gone, and that he was never going to come back again.  This hurt a lot, but I already had the feeling that he was gone already because of my dream.  I wanted to know how he died though, but I wasn’t going to ask my parents that, I thought that they had enough grief to deal with.  I decided to just let it go and ask if my tests were back yet.
    Finally after sitting on that bed for hours they let me go, the doctors said that I did not need to go through physical therapy.  None of my muscles deteriated during the coma, in fact I grew muscle instead.  The doctors still had no idea how that was possible though, but the tests shown that nothing was wrong so they did not worry about it.
    A lot of things had changed during the six years I was gone.  Garthuck was now a city instead of a small town, there were a lot of restaurants and bars, there was even a sky scraper in the middle of the city.  Apparently it was owned by the new mayor, he was said to be very rich and powerful.  We had to drive for at least an hour to reach the house, mostly because the traffic in the new city was horrible.
    The house was almost exactly the same as it was before, there were a few new things out front though.  We now had a swimming pool, which looked like it had not been used at all, and there was a trampoline, which also looked brand new.  My parents must have bought them recently knowing that I would come out of my coma soon. 
    When we got inside I asked my mom about them.
    “Well actually dear, they were your gifts for your fifth birthday, we set them up the day you went to the hospital and kept them up ever since.”
    I thought that was pretty weird but then I realized that it probably gave them hope of me coming back if they kept them up.
    Then my mother told me something that I didn’t know, “The doctors actually told us yesterday that you had died, they were about to take you out of the room when you woke up.”
    That shocked me, but then I remembered being burned alive and feeling the pain like it was real.  I must have actually died in real life from the pain that I had felt in my dream, but somehow I was still alive in my mind, my brother must have saved me from fully dying.  Then I remembered him telling me about that special guardian.  I was curious to find that out, but had no way in knowing how.